Kathleen’s Story

A Life of Faith Bearing Fruit
Meet Kathleen McCarthy

Kathleen McCarthy is a published author, Catholic radio broadcaster and has been a Catholic lay evangelist for more than 40 years.  Her message of the Father’s merciful love, the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist and the power of the Holy Spirit are central doctrines of the Catholic Church.

Through Kathleen’s ministry, which spans over four decades, numerous healings have taken place through the power of the Holy Spirit using her gifts of storytelling and her ability to touch the hearts of individuals. 

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Kathleen’s Story
The Constant Love of God

Kathleen has experienced great loss in her life, including the death of a husband, a fire that claimed her home and much personal and family illness and grief.  Through it all, her uncompromising love of God and faith in His love for her has been her source of strength in weakness and her light in darkness… gifts she freely shares with others through her speaking engagements and communicatiuon platforms such as Youtube and In His Sign Catholic Radio Network.

An Ecounter
With the Divine

In the Silence of My Heart are a series of Kathleen’s writings that span many years in which Our Lord spoke to her heart. Bearing the imprimatur of the Catholic Church, these teachings focus on Jesus’ light, love and living presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Silence Of My Heart
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Kathleen is a witness to the many gifts God offers us if we simply have faith and place our trust n Him.

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God has blessed Kathleen with 12 children, 58 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren.



Numerous have experienced God’s healing touch through Kathleen’s hands and inspirational words of the Holy Spirit.