What World Needs Now Book

The Heartbeat
That Sparked a Mission

This book is written for those who do not know the Lord, for those who are in the mainstream Church and want a deeper personal relationship with their God and lastly, to encourage all those who are on a spiritual journey. 

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In the Silence of My heart
Prophetic Words through Kathleen McCarthy

These writings, spanning over 10 years of messages from Jesus to Kathleen McCarthy, have received the imprimatur of the Catholic church. In the words of one priest, “approach this book like dry bones eager to be animated by God’s very life for these words have the power of prophesy… become animated by God’s life, truth and love.

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Silence Of My Heart

Silence Of My Heart Audio Books

In the Silence of My Heart Audiobooks
Volumes 1-3

The first 3 volumes of In the Silence of My Heart, are now available in audio CDs. Each volume is sold individually.

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