He Speaks…
In the Silence of My Heart

Meet Kathleen McCarthy

Kathleen Archbishop Chaput

A Powerful Witness
To the Living God

Kathleen McCarthy is a published author, Catholic radio broadcaster and has been involved in healing ministry for over four decades. She has the gift of storytelling that readily touches the hearts of all individuals. Her willingness to share her faith and wisdom has established her as a dynamic instrument for proclaiming God’s word to both believers and inactive Catholics of all ages.

Bringing the Fire
of God’s Love to the World

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A Life of Faith
Bearing Fruit

Once estranged from her Catholic faith, Our Lord intervened in Kathleen’s life in a dramatic way; speaking to her heart, he asked her to carry His words throughout the Catholic Church so that many hearts would be set on fire and minds would be enlightened to the Truth and Sacramental Life or our one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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Stories of Healing

“Kathleen … led a Eucharistic Healing Service and the women experienced tremendous healing of their relationships with their earthly fathers and the awesome touch of their Heavenly Father.”

Cathy Fedenci, a Ministry to Catholic Women

Kathleen delivers the Word of the Lord with such intensity and passion that one is astounded. She has a powerful gift of healing and prayer and always presents the gifts of the Holy Spirit with great courage and conviction.

Anne McGlone

Kathleen has been a blessing to us in our Diocese. She is filled with the Holy Spirit and has brought about much love and healing through her wonderful gift of evangelization.

Rev. Christopher Bakey

Prophetic Words from the Heart of Jesus
through Kathleen

“Each and every one of you, every single child of Mine is a child of My Heart. I have loved you before you were in you mother’s womb and I continue to mold you and transform you into all that I call you to be.”

Volume 4 | August 18th, 2019

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